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Artful Gardens brings you a guidebook that distills the basics from the wealth of gardening resources that exist. In ‘What Plant Where’ you will find information specifically for Aotearoa New Zealand gardens to give you a simple, solid starting point and success in the garden.


‘What Plant Where’ is a book with the basic information needed to create a garden that is affordable, attractive, easily maintained and long-lasting. This book focuses on 145 plant species that are proven performers, meaning they look great season to season, year to year, are readily available, low maintenance and hardy.


This guidebook has an easy to use reference system whereby you select the site conditions of your garden bed and the type of plant you are looking for ie. tree, hedge etc. This will take you to the page/s with a fully illustrated and annotated list of the species that will thrive in this space. From there you simply choose the plant you like the best.


Each plant is presented on its own icon which includes a full colour photograph of the plant, annotated with growth sizes and speed, wind tolerances, states if it is a NZ native, if it is attractive to birds or bees and has an illustration of the shape of the plant once mature.


In ‘What Plant Where’ you will be able to:

Identify the basic site conditions of the garden bed you are working on to then easily select the plants that will best grow there using the fully illustrated reference system.


Clearly see the different types and species of plants and their uses in garden design.


A series of garden design advice pages cover the principles of garden design and include design solutions for a variety of different shaped and sized garden beds that you may have in your garden.


This book is an A4 staple-bound laminated paperback

78 full colour pages

ISBN 978-0-473-70950-1


What Plant Where Guidebook

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