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How to Work Out Hedge Spacing

hedge spacings how many hedge plants

Hedge plants are healthier if they’re not planted too close together so they will do not have to compete for water and nutrients.

Below is a guide on how to work out the spacings and how many hedge plants you will need for your next hedge.


20-30cm apart for low hedges

40-50cm apart for medium hedges

70 cm apart for tall hedges

Calculating the number of hedging plants you need

1) Decide whether this will be a low, medium or tall hedge and select your spacing measurement to suit. For this example we are doing a low hedge of Berberis. For a low hedge, space plants at 30cm apart.

Berbers hedge

2) Work out the total length of hedge you will be planting. In this example it is 4m + 4m + 4m + 4m = 16m

how to work out hedge spacing

3) Convert the hedge spacing measurement from cm to metres- eg 30cm to 0.3m

4) Divide the total length of the hedge by the spacing measurement- eg 16 / .3 = 53.3

5) Round this measurement to a whole number eg 53

6) Then add one additional plant for the end of the hedge eg 54 Total plants needed for this hedge = 54

For more advice like this, see my new guidebook What Plant Where, coming soon or call Artful Gardens today for all you garden design and advice needs.


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